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Vuezr product:


  • Vuezr delivers on iPhone and  Android smartphones a “Google-glass-like” consumer experience: bringing media-rich digital content via augmented reality on products  to consumers at their moment of truth, to convert them to purchase, here and now.


  • In the digital and on-line age, retailers need to capture any opportunity to close the sale when consumers show product consideration in the aisle;
  •  Vuezr is the ideal platform to engage at that decisive moment.








  • Vuezr transforms any Physical packaging & Store display into a media-reach, dynamic, marketing platform, in the store, or anywhere you chose


  • Augmented reality content is live on the product: the product is the media and consumer attention stays focused on engaging with the product.


  • Campaign creation web-based tools are so easy to use that you can publish or update a campaign and its offers in just minutes, at any time


  • Next engagement steps from the campaign screen range from offers up to buying options for SMB.



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